Nov 222015
Reunion with Isabel

It’d been a while since the last time I fucked Isabel. Life had gotten in the way, for both of us. But on this evening, things conspired to make a date possible. “Do you have any requests?” I asked her. “What do you want me to wear?” she replied. And, “May I request not too […]

Aug 282015
Relaxing… and exhausting

Prelude: as I’ve written, I find it (increasingly) hard to write powerfully about sex. I write reasonably well about anticipation, about ideas, but describing who put what where in a way that’s hot is not always easy for me. This post is short, and it doesn’t do justice to the pleasure I felt in Isabel’s […]

Aug 242015

I sent her this note: Tonight will be relaxing, and exhausting. You will dress for an interview for an office position. You will bring, on your phone (if at all possible), a photo shoot of your choice (a new one, that I haven’t seen) intended to persuade me of your suitability. You will bring a […]

Aug 202015

Here’s a recent exchange I had with someone who prefers to remain nameless: Her: Today I’ve found myself thinking about things that could happen [when we meet]… Me: Good girl. Tell me. Her: Where we’ll meet (hopefully I won’t know anyone). What you’ll ask me to do when we’re out (go to the bathroom and […]