May 052014

Hy and I continue our monthly back and forth about blogs we’ve stumbled on that we find compelling. Last month, you may recall, my contribution was the author of “The Amsterdam Diaries” – a British patron of Amsterdam prostitutes. His blog is fascinating to me, not least because it’s so cold, so un-reflective, so foreign […]

Apr 072014

Each month, Hyacinth and I highlight two blogs we find interesting, compelling, funny, hot, whatever. We tell you our reactions – what we like, what we don’t like. We hope you enjoy. N’s pick: The Amsterdam Diaries N’s thoughts: I’m interested in reading men write about sex. Oddly, I’ve found precious little of it on […]

Mar 182014

My friend Hyacinth, a first rate (and high class) blogger if ever there was one, has been mugged. Someone calling her or himself “Jiminy Cricket” has taken it upon herself to a) discover Hy’s real-life identity, b) threaten implicitly to reveal it (though explicitly, she’s been clear that she has no intention of doing so), and […]

Feb 142014

Part One: Reunion We were together so long ago. A lifetime, it seems. Maybe two. We started dating when I was still in college (she had finished). We lived together. It seemed like marriage was on the horizon. Fortunately for both of us, that’s not what happened. We both moved on, to other lives, other […]

Dec 042013

My friend Hy, over at the other dissolute sex blog, has an awesome feature. Every Friday, she posts the breasts of some of her readers. In recent weeks, she’s been challenging her posters to submit slightly more artful, less crude shots, by suggesting themes (covered, buttoned, in bras, etc.), but she’s been running out of […]

Jun 072013

Recently, there’s been a little bit of a kerfuffle over on my crush, Hyacinth’s, blog. Hyacinth wrote a post (thoughtful, not judgmental, highly personal, curious) about the pleasure she takes from “showing her bits to the world,” in response to a previous post by my friend, Liza. A bunch of folks commented on Hy’s post, […]

Apr 222013

I hear you worrying. Can I write something that will turn him on? (“Can I write erotica that will turn him on?” I think I heard you ask.) I worry the same thing. Largely because I don’t write erotica. The closest I come is posts like yesterday’s, in which I wrote about a fantasy. One […]

Apr 192013

Hyacinth (to my knowledge, the only other blogger with “Dissolute” in the name of her blog) confessed to crushing on me recently. I returned the compliment, first in a comment to a post, and then in an aside in a post of my own. But here, I’m doing it in its own, full fledged, post: […]