Aug 032014

She’d never been to the Liberty Inn before. “Where do you fuck the lucky guys you fuck?” “Their places, mostly, though mine, too, on weekend nights.” We walked the five minutes to the Liberty Inn. She had been to the St. Mark’s Hotel – a somewhat down-at-heels place that caters mostly to Australian and European […]

Jun 282012

You’ll wear a skirt, boyshorts.  I know, you prefer dresses.  But I’d like you in a skirt, please.  And a top that shows off your breasts. We’ll meet at noon. We won’t speak.  We’ll kiss hello – hard.  We’ll walk two blocks to the hotel.  I’ll pay and we’ll check in.  Once in the room? […]

Jan 192012
The Herald Square Hotel

The Herald Square Hotel is in midtown Manhattan, convenient to, well, pretty much everything in midtown.  It’s a hotel – a sort of budget hotel, but unlike the Carlton Arms, it caters primarily to grown-ups, and unlike the Liberty Inn, most of the grown-ups to whom it caters aren’t there primarily to fuck. When you […]

Jan 192012
Ye Olde Carlton Arms

Down the busy block from Baruch College – an undergraduate school of CUNY – in a residential neighborhood of no distinguishable character, the Carlton Arms (or “Artbreak Hotel”) sits. It feels seedy as you approach the locked front door and buzz for admission. A Buddha with a nose polished from years of guests’ rubbing his nose for […]

Jan 182012
The Liberty Inn

This is New York’s preeminent hourly hotel. Their business is hourly, not daily. Their web site proclaims that they are “your rendezvous for romance.”  There’s no pretense it’s otherwise, no shame or secrecy in what they are. Their rates are posted, their rules are posted. They provide a specific service and they do it well. […]

Jan 182012
Hourly hotels

There’s nothing like an hourly hotel.  When you walk into such a place, when you greet a clerk and ask if they have a room “for a couple of hours,” it’s an unusual moment:  you’re looking in the eyes of someone, announcing your intention to fuck someone, and asking for their help.  As you ask, […]