Oct 292015

Hypothesis: the ponytail is a signifier, communicating much about a woman’s relationship to sex. Ponytail variables include length, height, style, and neatness. I know – I know – that what I write will not be true in every case, and that I may well antagonize/alienate you, that your ponytail and your self may, in no way, conform […]

Sep 162015

There’s something about curls. When I had hair, I had them, in droves. A big, long Jew-fro of a mane. My mother had them too. But these curls – tight, corkscrew ringlets aren’t what I mean. What I mean are the usually artificial curls that often grace the lower third of women’s long hair – […]

Jan 112014
On the sensuality of head

You thought I was talking about oral sex? You have a dirty mind. No, I’m talking about my head. About how it feels to have it touched, rubbed, massaged. In my early 20s, when I still had hair (or when I hadn’t yet admitted that I no longer did – baldness came early for me), […]