Nov 232017

Every year since I started this blog, I’ve written a Thanksgiving post. Except last year. Last year, I was in a particularly difficult moment at Thanksgiving. Of course, those moments are the most important moments to remember to be grateful, but, evidently, I failed. This year, things are difficult, but I’m thankful, nonetheless. For my […]

Nov 262015

In the run-up to Thanksgiving, there’s been the usual press about the value of gratitude, about the positive impact being grateful can have on our mental health, on our happiness. I’m lucky. One thing for which I’m grateful is that I don’t need to be reminded to be grateful for all I have. Regular readers […]

Nov 282013

Happy Thanksgiving, Americans, and anyone who likes, you know, to be thankful. I like to, and today, I am. For my family – I’m just about the luckiest guy in the world in this way. You have some slight glimpses into that from this blog, but seriously. My family – nuclear and extended – rules. […]

Nov 222012

It’s Thanksgiving, here in the US, and I’m genuinely thankful for much: 1. Above all, family: nuclear AND extended. We all are crazy, but I truly love my family. 2. Friends: I’m lucky to have tremendous, awesome friends, both in real life and as a result of my online existence, and at least a couple […]