Sep 182015

A few months ago, I wrote about “Inbox,” the new Google e-mail app. I’ve been using it religiously since then. I love it. It’s useless on my desktop/laptop, but on my phone, it’s, truly, a killer app. It’s done away with my “task” list, and my inbox regularly is at close to zero. I’m also […]

Jun 052015

I don’t do it often. But have you tried Google Inbox? It’s really cool. I tried it a month or so ago, and hated it. I didn’t like its bundling of my messages, and I found navigation difficult, and the space on my screen imposed by its adherence to Google’s “material design” felt wasted. But […]

Jan 212015

Google now mostly masks the terms people are searching for when they come to this site, but there’s still (there are still) some good data available, and it’s (they’re) interesting. Here’s what’s most interesting to me: if you Google “Hasidic pussy” – or “Hasidic porn” – or “Hasid porn” I’m the first result. If you […]

Oct 012014

I use Google Drive. A LOT. And I’ve been enormously frustrated by its refusal to provide any useful tagging/labeling mechanism. Google did more than anyone else to promote the use of tags/labels, of non-hierarchical organization of files and information, in Gmail, and then, here, in Drive, where it actually would be more useful, they don’t […]

Aug 162014

My Tinder account has zero functionality. Facebook figured out that N. Likes doesn’t exist. Tinder figured it out. They’re on to me: I’m not a real person with a driver’s license. This probably is just as well. I’m kinda swamped right now. I’ve just got too much going on, between real life and the life […]

Jun 122014

A little more than a year ago, I lamented Google’s “real names” policy. You may recall, or know, that when Google started Google Plus (the nerd circle jerk version of Facebook)*, they required that users use their real names. For a while, my account was suspended for this reason. (Yes, Virginia, “N. Likes” is not […]

Apr 252013

Shortly after I started this blog, I tried to promote it a bit on Google+, the community that Google had hoped would be its rival to Facebook (but which, apart from inspiring a pretty devoted, but small, following, hasn’t taken off). Pretty quickly, Google acted against me – they deactivated my profile (“N. Likes,” they […]