Jun 042012

If you’ve been keeping score at home, wisdom, thus far, has prevailed.  But folly is mounting a tremendous rally. Do you have thoughts on the matter?

May 152012
Folly, part 3

You feel the bed sag as my weight falls onto it.  You feel my fingers, gently, opening your thighs.  You feel my breath, warm, moist, on the inside of your thighs.  My lips brush your flesh, my tongue flicks at you.  You flinch, wince, slightly ticklish, infinitely tender. I lick, slowly, slowly, up your thigh, […]

May 082012

This piece is a counterpoint to the other day’s post, “Wisdom.” As the plane descends into O’Hare, you smooth your sundress.  You look at the list I had sent you:  light, cotton sundress?  Check.  Cork-heeled shoes?  Check.  White cotton boyshorts (in spite of your insistence that your ass isn’t big enough for them)?  Check.  Lip […]