Jan 142013

We left the hotel, walked to the car. “Could you cum again?” she asked. “Absolutely,” I said. “But I’d prefer not to while driving. But you can…. You should play with yourself.” “Again?!?” she asked. “How many orgasms did you have?” She thinks. “Four?” I can’t remember. I think either four or five. But was […]

Jan 142013
Meet Véronique (part 2)

Véronique went first. So before I say a word, let me observe a couple of moments from the evening that I began describing here, and that she began describing here, that she omitted, whether because they weren’t significant to her, because she’s kind, or because there was a fuck-load of shit to account for, she’s […]

Jan 132013
In which Véronique continues our tale… (part 2)

This is Véronique’s Part 2 to the story she began here, and I began here. My “Part 2” will follow. Suffice it to say, I’ll capture a few details that she left out, and she’s captured a few that I’ll omit. Plus, of course, there’s the difference in perspective and experience. We walked out to […]

Jan 122013
In which Véronique introduces herself... (part 1)

Yesterday, I introduced you to Véronique. Today, you may read her account of the first part of our date. He told me to arrive at 10:30, although he wouldn’t be able to join me until 10:45 or 11:00.  I left my apartment in good time, walking in the frigid cold in a mini dress not […]