Aug 222015
A craving

I used to pay for a lot of handjobs – massages with “happy endings.” The truth is, though, that I often didn’t want a massage with a happy ending. The “happy ending” wasn’t even central to my aim. No, what I really wanted was for a beautiful woman to (want to) attend to my cock […]

Aug 022015

I’ve been suffering in recent months from a little reminder that I’m not as young as I used to be, that my body is aging. The details aren’t interesting but, suffice it to say, I have been suffering chronic discomfort that has had a fairly profound effect on my mobility – and my mood. I’ve […]

Feb 112015
Fantasies about my fantasy

I’m imagining my core fantasy. First, what will you all wear? A sea of women…. Allie? Eva? The Historian? Isabel? L? Luna? Maxie? P? Penelope? The Rockette? Rose? Sadie? Sofia?!? Tamora? Veronique? You? (Those names – including yours – are in alphabetical order, lest you imagine you discern some other rationale….) In my fantasy, it’s […]

Jan 252015

I’ve written about it. I want it to happen. A sea of women sucking my cock, me, licking their pussies. Playing with themselves, licking one another. Fingering, licking, sucking all over the place. Everyone, dressed (and undressed) as I instruct. Are you in? (No, seriously. Are you in?)

Dec 032014
Marching orders

Read this post, as well as those to which it links. I want your help. Not – necessarily – in bringing the fantasy to fruition. Though maybe that, too. But for now, I want your help in prurience. I want you to indulge me in the fantasy. First, tell me what would be hot for […]

Nov 222014
My greatest fantasy

I’ve written about it before. Several times, actually. (Also, here, and here.) In very short form, it features a gazillion women and me, and nothing but oral, all night long. I’m pretty sure I want to make it happen one of these days. What do you think the chances are? Just saying.

Aug 052012

Last week, I wrote about my most memorable sexual experience, and I dissected nearly every aspect of it, trying to understand just what about that experience was so resonant for me. Fantasies are interesting in a way that actual sexual experiences aren’t. Actual sexual experiences are constrained by reality. I may have loosened some of […]

Feb 062012

Trifecta inspired me earlier this weekend to write this post. It also inspired L to challenge me. This three-sentence story specifically is about L and me: Her hair was wet, her body still soapy, when he entered the shower.When he left, her knees were sore and cum streamed out of her mouth.She felt so dirty, […]