Mar 092013
“Check her out!”

The bar was crowded. Filled with 20- and 30-something hipsters. I was definitely old for the place. Véronique sat at the far end of the bar, near the door, sipping her drink, alone. I sat ten or so patrons down, sipping mine. Two 30-something guys were talking behind me. I wasn’t paying attention. I was […]

Apr 202012
Lilly cums for us

I’ve played you a few of Lilly’s orgasms (here, here and here) before.  On the one hand, they all sound alike – she has a rhythm, a pattern.  She starts slow, quiet, and then ramps up, and accelerates into fevered, deep, heavy breathing, and then quickly, there’s a wind-down, a slowing of the breath.  For me, […]

Mar 142012

Right around 1:10, it starts to really pick up. She’s a little bit of a bratty sub – picking and choosing the instructions she follows, seeming to thrive on my disapproval, rather than simply honoring my wishes. But… but… but… Her face is beautiful, her eyes, haunting.  I look at a picture of her, and […]

Mar 082012
She cums for me once more

And this time, she even says “Hey, N.” at the end….  Click here to listen.  (A player should pop up.) Here’s a brief description of how she makes herself cum, if you’re interested: I rarely, if ever, come during sex. I masturbate a lot. My orgasms used to be strictly clitoral, using my fingers to […]

Mar 062012

The power she holds over me is inexplicable.  Her eyes are steel blue.  Her hair, blonde.  She’s a shameless flirt.  I see it all the time.  It’s almost pathological, her flirtiness – hard for me to feel special to her. But I can see that, just as she has a power over me – just […]

Jan 122012

I’ve never thought of myself as an exhibitionist.  I’m kinda shy, and have never consciously craved being seen in any way.  But this blog feeds an exhibitionistic urge I’m only just beginning to understand.  Somehow, it’s incredibly life-affirming to me simply to have my desires, my fantasies, my exploits, seen – seen and not (for […]