Aug 162015

There are a number of women with whom I’ve interacted who give me the ambivalence I seem to crave. This is an (alphabetical) chronicle of ambivalence. It’s not complete, but it’s indicative both of how I seem to inspire ambivalence, and to court it. The Amazon: You may recall how much I enjoyed her mouth. […]

Apr 012015
Dat ass

Emily tries my patience. At a distance, she’s hardly submissive to my requests, compliant with my demands. Except when she wants to be, when she is. Worse, she dispenses with requests she doesn’t like or isn’t willing to comply with dismissively, disrespectfully. “Can’t right now,” she often says in response to a request. If I […]

Mar 272015
My assignment

Emily knocked the cover off the ball. She didn’t do precisely what I asked, I should say. She didn’t virtually pack the entire suitcase. There is one pair of shoes, for example. No panties, in her selections. No bras. And yet… and yet…. A big part of the way in which she knocked the cover […]

Mar 042015

She lives far away, and couldn’t join my fantasy. But she wanted me to be able to imagine her joining in. “I want to see you in a black dress, and black boyshorts.” I said this to her a few days before. (Emily wasn’t the only woman I said this to.) It took some persuading, […]

Feb 222015

This is the third in a series on Emily. She’s young. She’s hot. And it’s unlikely I’ll ever explore the inside of her mouth with my cock. She’s self-conscious about her “lack of experience,” constantly putting herself down, telling me she’s “bad at fucking,” that I’d be disappointed in her. I’ve told her, I don’t […]

Jan 072015

Luna said this to me explicitly. Others have said it more implicitly. The type of woman with whom I interact most effortlessly, most rewardingly – and mutually so – inspires me to attend to her, and responds to my attention with compliance, with devotion. Compliance begets attention; attention begets compliance. You get wet. I get […]

Dec 302014

There are two of them – Blondie and Emily. They’re very different in almost every way. The exceptions are these: 1) They both live too far away from me. (I met both of them through Tinder on the same trip out of town last spring.)2) They both have pretty much insisted on Snapchat as the […]