Nov 272013

Her ambivalence is rampant. Mine, vanquished. Most crudely, I collected her willingness, her compliance, her orgasms, even if only for a night. The prize was won. This isn’t usually how I conceptualize my desire, my encounters, my relationships. I genuinely don’t prize notches on my belt. Rather, I prize connection, and, usually, sustained connection. But […]

Nov 252013

I wrote about how I should run from E, whose ambivalence, I felt sure, spelled ruination for me (and for whom my ardor spelled her ruination). I didn’t run, and I’m glad. Contrary to past experience of such situations, E came through for me, providing me with an awesome evening of cock-sucking, fucking, cunt-licking, and […]

Oct 242013

Up and down I go. I haven’t written much about it, but V and I have been “broken up” for a while. A couple of weeks ago, for a moment, it seemed like we might be back together. But the problems that drove us apart (about which I’ll write more in a post to come […]

Oct 152013

If I were a healthy, undamaged human, I suppose I’d be quite a specimen. (Are there any?) The way my desire works baffles me. I’ve written a bit about the latest object of my attention, a kinky, slutty grad student who describes herself as “conflicted, rambunctious, and insatiable.” Call her E. She wants me, she […]

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Sep 152013

“I’m trying to be less sketchy,” she said, explaining why she didn’t feel she could/should suck my cock in a hotel room procured solely for that purpose just minutes after we met. She certainly didn’t look sketchy: she wore a professional-looking grey skirt suit that was tight, but not at all revealing. She looked like […]

Sep 102013

I hand you the hotel room key. “It’s room 909,” I say. “When you get there, take your clothes off, and lie, spread-eagled, on the bed. Close your eyes, and wait.” You do as I ask. You lie, waiting. Your pussy is throbbing. You can feel your heart beating. I want to make you wait […]