Jul 032014

Compliance is such a turn-on for me. Imperfect compliance is such a turn-off. Some doms get off on, really enjoy, training their subs. I don’t. I have nothing against – enjoy, even, working with a woman who’s learning about (her) submission. But training implies a certain level of… resistance… on the part of the submissive. […]

Nov 142013

Sofia writes, “I’ve never thought about this from the perspective of the men who fuck me. I want them to feel a hundred percent good about me, about our relationship, but at the same time I want them to want to harm me somehow. Which I guess can be complicated. Or not. Well, I don’t […]

Nov 102013

I’ve written before that fucking isn’t my primary sexual activity, that I’ll take oral any day. I’ve also written that one of the challenges with me for fucking is the intrinsically aggressive nature of it, that my domination is, by its nature, sensual, not aggressive, not punitive, not violent. Even when I’ve been most violent, […]

Oct 292013

I’ve written about this phrase before, but my thoughts have evolved. Nowadays, I dish out “good girl” as a compliment happily, freely. (Thanks, V, for teaching me how fun it can be!) I’m still conflicted about it. I don’t like the “daddy” aspects of it. I know they resonate powerfully for many women, but they […]

Oct 282013

Your punishment awaits. It’s what you’ve been craving, seeking, demanding, of me. It will be delicious and excruciating, exhausting and energizing. It will come in flashes of intensity, and hours of arousal. You will quiver and tremble, wince and flinch, bruise and mark, please and be pleased. I will use you until I’m through with […]