Mar 092015

You don’t think I’m a “Dom”? I don’t give a fuck. Because chances are, you don’t make my dick hard, and I don’t make your pussy wet. So what’s the point?

Sep 202014

I was raised, as I’ve often written, to believe that objectifying women was simply wrong. This confused me, and left me with a legacy of confusion on the subject. Is it o.k. to want to fuck a woman? Is it o.k. to tell a woman you want to fuck her? When? Under what circumstances? I’ve […]

Aug 172014

“I just want to thank you,” Penelope said, as Rose, she, and I were saying good night. “Seriously. I was really nervous coming in, and you made me feel really… comfortable. You know, you could have been super intimidating, but you weren’t. You were… I don’t know, I can’t think of the word. But I […]

Aug 042014

On another day, I’ll write more about why, but…. Never say “no” to me. I’m neither a tyrant nor unreasonable. I may ask you to do things you wish not to do. Or are unwilling to do. Or that squick you out. I don’t expect you to do any of those things. (Well, not unless […]

Jul 152014

In the context of erotic writing, compliance means, simply, “Doing as I ask.” But in reality? It’s somewhat more nuanced. Here are some things it’s not: Blind obedience. Abandonment of principles. Never saying “no.” I acknowledge that I may have contradicted some of these principles in previous of my writings. When I have done so, […]