Aug 122015

“There’s something about a man in a suit.” I hear/read that all the time. I consider myself lucky, now, to wear suits infrequently – only to weddings, funerals, and bar mitzvahs. I used to wear a suit every day. Every fucking day. Perhaps it’s because I associate suit-wearing with a particularly painful period in my […]

May 042015

I’m intimidating. I’m told that, over and over. This always amuses me. If you met me, you’d chuckle at the idea that I’m intimidating. I’m capable of being commanding. Confident. Directive. More often, though, I’m sweet, kind, gentle, warm. I’m most definitely not intimidating. If you’re intimidated by me, you’re intimidated by your own fears, […]

Jan 242015

to feel your throat yield as my thumb and forefinger – and the webbing between them – press into it. I want to hear that lovely combination of moan and gasp as your breath is momentarily, just a little shockingly, constrained. I want to know that, though we remain dressed, your pussy has just gotten […]

Dec 042014

I think the first time I use you, I will, first, ask you simply to kneel for me. And I will stand in front of you, tempting you with my cock. For a LONG time. Before, finally, I will feed it to you. Slowly. Then roughly. Then slowly, gently. Perhaps I’ll come down your throat. […]

Dec 022014

I’ve entered into a relationship. It’s great. It hits every level of satisfaction except sexually. I’m frustrated and unsure of where to go from here…. It’s unsatisfying for both of us. To me, it feels forced. He is extremely attractive..a catch, smart, business owner-blah blah blah but down to earth and relatable.  He would get […]