Jun 022014

Hy and I continue our monthly curated sex blog offerings. This month, we bring you two more fun, smart, hot writers we hope you haven’t stumbled on yet…. N’s Pick: Sinclair Sexsmith – Feminist vs. BDSM N.’s thoughts: The Historian, as I’ve written, haunts me. We’re friends, in and out of touch. And we have […]

May 052014

Hy and I continue our monthly back and forth about blogs we’ve stumbled on that we find compelling. Last month, you may recall, my contribution was the author of “The Amsterdam Diaries” – a British patron of Amsterdam prostitutes. His blog is fascinating to me, not least because it’s so cold, so un-reflective, so foreign […]

Apr 072014

Each month, Hyacinth and I highlight two blogs we find interesting, compelling, funny, hot, whatever. We tell you our reactions – what we like, what we don’t like. We hope you enjoy. N’s pick: The Amsterdam Diaries N’s thoughts: I’m interested in reading men write about sex. Oddly, I’ve found precious little of it on […]

Mar 032014

N.’s pick The post “How to Eat my Pussy,” over at Literary Wench. N’s thoughts This is the kind of post I might write, or hope to write, if I had a pussy. To be fair, I’ve written posts that are structurally similar, so it’s a bit narcissistic to say, “Hey! Look at this! It’s […]

Feb 282014

Hyacinth and I have, to my knowledge, the only two blogs with “dissolute” in their title. (Don’t tell me I’m wrong, please. I like believing that.) We started blogging at around the same time, and though she currently is monogamous, and her boyfriend (“the Neighbor”) only just found out about her blog, we have a […]