Aug 212015

In Buddhist thinking, there are “five mental hindrances.” According to Wikipedia, the Buddhist scripture with which I’m most familiar, these hindrances “hinder progress in meditation and in our daily lives.” When I meditate (currently, forty-five minutes a day, at least), I pay close attention to which of these hindrances is/are most present. The hindrances are […]

Aug 132015

I do stalk her. In a low-key, unobtrusive, unintrusive way. There are a variety of ways in which I do this, following her on social media, where her presence is, at best, sporadic. I imagine (believe) that she knows I do this, that when she surfaces, she’s sending me a little message, even if it’s […]

Jun 102015

I’ve written about it before, recently, a while ago, and long ago. There’s a direct relationship between my general sense of vitality, of alive-ness, and the sensations in my cock. When I’m most in touch with my feelings, I can see that there’s a whole realm of my sexual activity and sexual desire that flows […]

Jun 102015
Youth and adulthood

Two females sit side by side. Each is beautiful, with symmetrical features, long, flowing hair, and luscious, dramatic curves. Their legs are long, their hips are wide, their breasts are firm, round. Each is biologically mature, capable of reproduction. One is fifteen years old, one, twenty-five. I’ve written before about the confusion my body experiences […]

May 042015

For me to be aroused, to want to have sex, I need so much more than your hot body splayed out before me. I need anticipation, build-up, connection. I need to know that your desire for me is at least as strong as my desire for you. I can reduce you to a collection of […]

Feb 282015

Hi. Did you see this? I am curious about your view on the desire/arousal distinction…I wonder if… you think women can be categorized as either having hunger or responsive arousal…:) This question, from a sexy reader who hasn’t yet sucked my cock, but who, I’m fully confident, will. (If you don’t follow the link, it’s […]

Dec 142014

A couple of times lately, with at least three different women, I’ve noticed an unfortunate feature of the workings of my desire. Even the most perfect compliance can be drowned out in my head by too much enthusiasm. And by “too much,” I mean something dangerously like “any.” Here are a couple of examples of […]