Oct 012015

I like seeing up a woman’s skirt or dress. I think this is a nearly universal phenomenon, at least among straight men. I’m not a sociopath. Back when I was taking creep shots, I didn’t snap furtive upskirt shots of the kind that are illegal in many jurisdictions. But if I find myself sitting across […]

Sep 222014

I sat down next to him to see him furtively aiming his phone’s camera at the two women sitting across from us. They’re twenty or so, one in jeans and a tight patterned top, the other in black fishnets, a denim miniskirt, and a printed t-shirt with two men’s faces on it. I didn’t recognize […]

Aug 012013

Over a year ago, I wrote about creep shots – photos taken in surreptitious admiration, usually of women, usually by men. There was a time in my life when I took them. The discussion that ensued after my post on the subject led me to stop taking them, too replace them with the “paeans” I […]

May 022013

About a year ago, I started writing about “creep shots” – admiring photos taken of non-consenting women without their knowledge. There was a really interesting discussion in the comments and, ultimately, I was persuaded that it was creepy to take them, and that I should stop. I never had imagined it wasn’t creepy; I just […]

May 242012

I’ve continued thinking a lot about creep shots – partly, because you keep commenting on my previous posts on the subject; partly because I miss taking them; and partly because, well, because “creep shots” turns up among my readers’ Google queries leading here more than any other search term. Seriously. To bring you up to […]

Apr 172012

1. Legs, crossed. Black skirt, rayon?, draped over her top (right) leg. A glimpse of what must be black panties at the top of her pale, pale thighs. Un-special black and maroon flats. 2. Flowing, thick, curly, black hair. Persian? Green eyes, sharp, wide, big. Clear, olive skin. Full, meaty lips. High cheekbones. Slightly garish […]