Jul 302013

Brown hair with blonde highlights, straight, parted on the left side, hanging down to her nipples. Too much eye make-up around brown, almond-shaped eyes. Big, luscious, full lips. Thin straps on a floral bodice that can barely contain her (much too big) breasts. Are they natural? Her jeans are too dark, too tight, around her […]

May 012013

Brown, strappy, heeled sandals. Tight, tight black jeans. Long legs. Flared hips, a round, meaty ass. A tight v-neck t-shirt, stretched across B-cup breasts, covered by a lacy black scarf, draped over them, obscuring her cleavage. A blue denim jacket. Sandy blonde hair, very wavy, down to the middle of her back. Bright brown eyes, […]

Apr 162013

On a stool, in Starbucks. Brown cowboy boots, to mid-calf. Bare, pale legs. Red patterned cotton dress, light, soft, draped over crossed legs. Tight around her waist. Clinging to her wide hips, her not-petite ass, her large breasts. Buttoned up one button too high. Long, dirty blonde hair, wavy, slightly two-toned. Big green eyes, full […]

Mar 202013

Two, not mine. One, 25, blonde. She’s tiny, probably was a ballerina.  She wears black yoga pants and a green leotard. She’s slender, has tiny breasts. An amazing ass for someone with such minimal curves. Her face is angular. I can’t take my eyes off of her when she’s in the gym. Every time she […]

Mar 192013

Her boots, to the top of her calves, in leggings, to the bottom of her soft suede coat, stuffed with her silken paisley scarf, wrapped around her caramel neck, with her wispy hair tucked into her scarf, framing her high cheekbones, her almond-shaped, dark eyes, her delicately glossed lips. Just imagine: every element of this […]

Mar 052013

Tall, aquiline nose. High cheekbones. Sharp jaw. Perfect posture. Long, tight, grey cotton maxidress. Grey/black patterned tights. Black leather high-heeled boots. Long, dangly silver earrings. Perfect teeth. Long, fake eyelashes. Green eyes.

Feb 262013

She’s tall – 5’7″ or so. Korean. Black hair, pulled up, and back, into a high ponytail. She is lost in her phone. I’m captivated by one part of her – the underside of her left thigh, in black patterned tights. It sits on the subway seat, dented slightly where it meets the seat. Her […]

Nov 142012

Black knee-high leather boots. Grey sheer leggings. A perfect heart-shaped ass, the likes of which is rarely seen on this earth. A turquoise knit sweater, extending below a brown leather jacket. Perfectly straight, lustrous blonde hair. She took her jacket off to reveal a black knit sweater atop the turquoise one, and to reveal, as the […]

Nov 122012

She’s in her mid-20s. Curly brown hair, below her shoulders. Big brown eyes, a long face, angular nose. A grey cotton dress, stretched tight over round, full breasts. Black tights, black pumps. She sits across from me in a 25-person meeting, her right hand between her crossed thighs, the top one bouncing up and down, […]