Apr 192012

L and I haven’t been fucking for a while.  Really, only once this year.  Prognosis for future fucking is bleak, at least for the time being. But we’re good friends, see one another often, and talk more.  Our flirtation/sexy relationship flourishes, with spousal approval on both sides, just without the fucking.  Which presents all sorts […]

Jan 112012

L has officially thrown in the towel in our contest.  On the plus side, she wrote an awesome story, weaving together a bunch of the tweets that have been scrolling by on my Twitter feed.  I’ve asked her permission to publish it here, or at least a teaser of it…. And on second thought, since the […]

Jan 112012

The last couple of days, I put an ad on Craigslist, basically inviting people reading the M4MW and MW4MW postings to stop by here, take a look, and let me know if they are interested in… playing. Not playing in the way that those of us who “play” play. But rather, playing in the denotative […]

Jan 092012

L‘s heart isn’t in the contest.  She thrills in my traffic, and hers is growing, too, but she simply doesn’t have the motivation.  Meanwhile, I had the good fortune to be picked up by Fleshbot last Friday (thanks, Lux), which did wonders for my numbers.  And not only are more people reading what I write, […]

Jan 062012

I’m enjoying trying to up my readership, which is quite modest.  It’s a game to me – it’s not so much that I crave some large audience.  Truth is, my exhibitionism is satisfied simply by my writing, by my making the blog visible.  If readers happen to come (or cum), that’s a nice bonus. But […]

Jan 042012
A contest

L hasn’t fully bought off on the idea yet, but I’m working on her.  I think we should have a contest.  We have two new blogs, mine and hers, and very few readers/followers so far.  I’ve been enjoying the process of figuring out just how to let the sorts of people who would want to […]