Oct 012015

I like seeing up a woman’s skirt or dress. I think this is a nearly universal phenomenon, at least among straight men. I’m not a sociopath. Back when I was taking creep shots, I didn’t snap furtive upskirt shots of the kind that are illegal in many jurisdictions. But if I find myself sitting across […]

Aug 142015

The other day, Amnesty International passed a resolution calling on the group to establish a policy that “supports the full decriminalization of all aspects of consensual sex work.” Before I say more, a couple of key points: first, Amnesty didn’t adopt a policy supporting decriminalization; its membership called on the board to establish and adopt […]

Aug 032015

Is (was?) Ashley Madison more like RJ Reynolds? A purveyor of pleasure that comes with an enormous cost? Or Smith and Wesson? Whose product can be used for (very) good or (very) evil? Or the library, your local bookseller, or Amazon Books? Which allow you to feed your every (intellectual?) desire without reference to the […]

Jun 242015

I am so very grateful for Sofia. For her pretty body, for her beautiful face, and, of course, for her perfect compliance. She makes my cock hard many mornings, many afternoons, and many evenings. Some time ago, I suggested she send me a “prompt,” something that would give me something to write about, something that […]

Apr 222015

Know that I’m thinking about your pussy. Know that I can see your thighs, your panties, whenever I close my eyes. Fuck that, even when they’re open. That I keep imagining I smell you, the sweaty, sweet, musky scent of your cunt, at surprising, unexpected moments. Like when I just walked into a coffee store […]

Apr 012015
Dat ass

Emily tries my patience. At a distance, she’s hardly submissive to my requests, compliant with my demands. Except when she wants to be, when she is. Worse, she dispenses with requests she doesn’t like or isn’t willing to comply with dismissively, disrespectfully. “Can’t right now,” she often says in response to a request. If I […]

Jan 172015

Spectacularly beautiful. Preternaturally so. Her pictures (on Happn) were improbable. I just went to Google and searched for “beautiful brunette headshot model” and, in the first ten pages, not one was as pretty as her. It simply couldn’t be the case that she had swiped me. (Well, you don’t actually swipe on Happn, but whatever.) […]

Jan 172015

Give me yours. It is, as I have written, a virtuous circle. I ask you for something – you give it. I ask you for more – you give it. And so on, and so on, and so on…. Your pussy drips. My cock aches. We feed one another by making each other hungry.