Aug 142015

The other day, Amnesty International passed a resolution calling on the group to establish a policy that “supports the full decriminalization of all aspects of consensual sex work.” Before I say more, a couple of key points: first, Amnesty didn’t adopt a policy supporting decriminalization; its membership called on the board to establish and adopt […]

Aug 102015

Last week, I wrote a (somewhat hurried, incomplete, poorly edited) post about a recent instance of my being “rejected.” It struck a nerve among a few of my (female) readers, who provided some thoughtful, and harsh, comments to me – some, on the blog; others, offline, via back channel. First, foremost, let me say this: […]

Aug 062015

Years ago, I paid her. She sucked my cock. I licked her clit. We had adventures with several other women. She wanted to be hit more, harder, than any woman I’d been with previously. She taught me a lot about submission and, along the way, about dominance. I introduced her to the world of “massage” […]

Nov 172014

Apologies – this post is a bit scattered/unedited (more than most of mine are). It’s been sitting in my drafts folder for a while, and I figured I’d just post it….. I don’t know anything about sex trafficking. The vast majority of women I’ve paid for sex, or for sexualized interactions, were born in the […]

Oct 122014

There’s tons of writing out there by sex workers. I’ve linked to some of it. I read, and link to, Maggie McNeill, religiously. She sits in my blogroll, over there on the right. But it’s rare that I read a sex worker who writes from what I think of as the opposite side of my […]

May 052014

Hy and I continue our monthly back and forth about blogs we’ve stumbled on that we find compelling. Last month, you may recall, my contribution was the author of “The Amsterdam Diaries” – a British patron of Amsterdam prostitutes. His blog is fascinating to me, not least because it’s so cold, so un-reflective, so foreign […]

Sep 162013
Sex scarcity

I read, recently, a discussion of rape in the comments on a blog post (I can’t track down the blog to send you there, but the truth is, neither the post nor the comments were really compelling). But among the commenters was a man who gave extremely inarticulate voice to a familiar sensation. This commenter […]