Oct 142015

I just can’t find any. There have been some, over the years. There was the deeply problematic Jefferson, whose blog inspired me, but whose behavior offline was credibly alleged by way too many people to be, well, icky. There was Omniwhore, who had a nice two-year run from 2012-2014, but who seems to have stopped. […]

Sep 292014

There’s a meme going around in which we’re asked to nominate our top posts of the year, or other people’s top posts. Cara Thereon, who writes a blog I really enjoy, recently announced her decision not to participate. I’m with her. It’s been interesting to watch the evolution of my thinking (and feelings) about these […]

Jun 182014
iPhone sex blog app

There’s a new app in town, designed by the folks at The Sex Trend. I can’t speak for it all that well – I don’t have an iPhone, and it’s not (yet) ready for the Android. The description on the app store says, “SEX 101 is a news aggregator feeding from well known adult bloggers […]

Nov 032013

Jane’s Guide, a web site that reviews porn sites, blogs, and the like, has a policy: they don’t review sex blogs that are less than a year old. This makes sense – the vast majority of sex blogs disappear oh-so-quickly, their authors spitting out something they needed to get out, and then moving on. Or […]

Oct 302013

Kinkly.com, a web site I don’t know, just told me I’m a sex blogging superhero. To be clear, I’m #30 on their “Top 100 Sex Blogging Superheroes of 2013.” A lot of the top thirty are sex toy review web sites, or sex education web sites. Most of us aren’t conventional sex bloggers. But I […]

Aug 282012

So my friend Liza is winding up her blog, and in (one of) her last post(s), she went all statistical, sharing some tidbits from Google Analytics about her blog, and her readers’ surfing habits. I was intrigued – not so much by the raw viewership numbers (if you’re curious, mine consistently were about 1/4 of […]

Jun 152012

In January 2005, I discovered a great blog:  Jefferson’s “One Life, Take Two.”  My life was in a bit of unexpected turmoil at the time – a good friend was going through an extraordinarily difficult time – a difficult time that was affecting me unexpectedly much.  And my own journey down the rabbit hole was […]

Jun 122012

This blog has some things in common with The Honest Courtesan – it’s erudite and thoughtful, and features a fair amount of “meta” writing – writing about writing about sex, etc. It’s got a wide variety of things – straight-up erotica, discussions of sex in art and erotica over time, analysis and discussion of writing, […]

Jun 112012

This blog is the second in a series of those I recommend to you. This one is in some ways the polar opposite of the one I recommended yesterday, the Honest Courtesan. Where the Honest Courtesan is a cerebral, serious, thoughtful, academic, critical blog by a very smart, very articulate former sex worker, Happy Endingz […]