Mar 242014

Who are you? During a recent 24-hour period, almost 20% of my visits were by very frequent readers, people who return over and over to this blog. Evidently, what I write consistently interests, or arouses, or pisses off, these folks. People from all over the world, and close to home. Each of the towns or […]

Mar 182014

My friend Hyacinth, a first rate (and high class) blogger if ever there was one, has been mugged. Someone calling her or himself “Jiminy Cricket” has taken it upon herself to a) discover Hy’s real-life identity, b) threaten implicitly to reveal it (though explicitly, she’s been clear that she has no intention of doing so), and […]

Jan 102014

I can’t speak for other bloggers, but the relationship between what I post and when I post it is often coincidental at best. Other times, not so much. On one occasion that I recall, I posted instructions to V in real time during a date. Recently, I posted in the middle of a bad evening. […]

Oct 092013

It ain’t what it was. Once upon a time, it was awesome – it let me stalk you, track you, monitor you. I could set it so I got an e-mail when you – yes, you – were here. It would show me which pages you surfed, for how long. It let me develop an […]

May 162013

10) We have secrets we need to expose to sunlight while preserving some anonymity. 9) We’re exhibitionists who get off on revealing in public what usually is private.* 8) We’re attention whores.* 7) Writing about (our) sex gets us hard, wet, off. 6) It lets us participate in a broader community centered on joyful, open […]

May 162013

Hyacinth wrote an excellent post recently on the challenges of writing a sex blog and living a life – keeping the blog secret from the people from whom it’s supposed to be secret, telling those you want to tell, and sharing the right amount of information all around. Her post seems to have been in […]

May 092013

And rock bands’ll go But rock ‘n’ roll’s gonna go on forever ALL DAY AND ALL OF THE NIGHT. Jane doesn’t review sex blogs till they’ve been around for a year. When they wouldn’t review me, this bummed me out. But now, now that they’ve reviewed me, now that this blog is a year-and-a-half old […]