Nov 122016

A new list of the top sex blogs omits this one. My feelings are hurt, but only slightly. More than that, I’m optimistic about other efforts to help readers find the content they seek.

Sep 292014

There’s a meme going around in which we’re asked to nominate our top posts of the year, or other people’s top posts. Cara Thereon, who writes a blog I really enjoy, recently announced her decision not to participate. I’m with her. It’s been interesting to watch the evolution of my thinking (and feelings) about these […]

Apr 222014

The other day, my post on gangbangs (or “handbags,” as my phone really wants me to say) was mentioned in passing in this article by Zhana Vrangalova. Seriously, it was in passing. Like, in an aside, two-thirds of the way (three-quarters of the way) through a long article. She was nice to me. She quoted […]