Jan 152015

A few readers (you know who you are, whiners) have complained that this blog is hard to read, what with the white font on dark text that has characterized my look since the start. So I’m experimenting with other possible configurations. I’d love to hear what you think. Is this easier to read? Hotter? Less […]

Apr 042014

Every so often, I update my list of the latest most popular posts and pages. I thought this would be a good time to do it. (I was in a really loud coffee shop with 45 minutes to spare, and couldn’t do anything that required thought or silence.) If you have personal favorites, I’d love […]

Oct 212013

A while has passed since I posted my reading guide, and, in particular, my guide to the most popular posts on this blog. There’s been some movement on that list – some new entries, some that fell off, and I thought it might be helpful to refresh the list. Herewith, the most popular posts on […]

Apr 072013

What don’t you like about this blog, ? Does it load too slowly? Is the layout distracting? Is the organization confusing? What about the topics? Do I not write about things you’d like to hear more about? Write too much about things you don’t care about? I like to be responsive. While I don’t promise […]

Sep 092012

Liza, who no longer blogs actively, but whose blog is still up for all to see, has recently found herself the victim of some sort of a “scraping” effort, a web site that seems to use her RSS feed to harvest her content, and then republishes it, uncredited, on their own web site, where (I […]

Sep 082012

For a couple of weeks now – maybe less – I’ve had a little poll off to the right (over there —–>) asking your view on GIFs in my Tumblr. There have only been a couple of votes (most of you seem not to have seen it, not to care, or something else). But here’s […]