Jun 092012

The other day, I watched. Today, I want to be lazy, to relax. But differently. I want you to tie me up. My arms, tied to the bed. My legs, spread, my ankles, cuffed. Movement should be impossible. I want you to blindfold me, to gag me, and to play loud music in my ears. […]

May 082012

This piece is a counterpoint to the other day’s post, “Wisdom.” As the plane descends into O’Hare, you smooth your sundress.  You look at the list I had sent you:  light, cotton sundress?  Check.  Cork-heeled shoes?  Check.  White cotton boyshorts (in spite of your insistence that your ass isn’t big enough for them)?  Check.  Lip […]

Mar 132012
I gently lowered the blindfold

“Can you see?” “No.” “Can you make out light and dark?” “No.” I lifted her sheer t-shirt over her shoulders, over her head.  She instinctively lifted her arms to help.  I removed the camisole that remained.  Her breasts were round, freckled.  I kissed a nipple.  She flinched just a little. I kissed her, first gently, […]

Feb 032012

I’m not submissive.  I’ve never really submitted to a woman.  Occasionally, I’ve allowed myself to be handcuffed or restrained or blindfolded.  But nothing more than that. Lately, I’ve found myself imagining submitting more comprehensively.  How would it feel to let go of control?  To let go of the ability to direct the action?  To have […]

Jan 252012
Distant rendezvous

I sit in the bar, waiting.  It’s dark.  The piano player is in his cups.  My phone vibrates with your text:  “I’m at the airport. Be there shortly.” I told you what to wear (a tiny black dress, heels, thigh-highs, black boyshorts, strapless bra, a choker and diamond earrings).  I bought your plane ticket.  And […]

Jan 102012

“Humiliate me,” she pleaded. “Hurt me.” The first time we met, we had sushi. Her hair was bright red, falling in curls below her shoulders. Freckles stood out on the palest of skin. Her eyes were perfectly green, perfectly white. Her cheekbones were improbably high, her lips delicately thin, shining, with blood-red high-gloss lipstick expertly […]