Jan 242013
Another night with Véronique (part 2) – her version

Her part 1 is here. My version of part 2 is here. This here is her part 2. They’re pretty similar, right? But it’s always fun to see the differences. He opened the passenger door, pushed his mouth against me hard and simultaneously slipped his fingers inside me.  He stepped back, closed the door and […]

Jan 172013
Another night with Véronique (part 2)

As I licked the last bits of her pussy juice off my fingers, I started the car. We drove, in the rain. She touched herself, her fingers in the lacy white panties I had selected, as I drove. “It’s not far,” I said. “Unless I get lost.” I had the opening scene of Rocky Horror […]

Jan 162013

Before you hear from either Véronique or me about the rest of the evening that began like this, I thought I’d post the e-mail V sent me between when I dropped her off, and when I got home, all of twenty minutes later. The subject line was “things I don’t want to forget about tonight.” […]

Jan 142013
Meet Véronique (part 2)

Véronique went first. So before I say a word, let me observe a couple of moments from the evening that I began describing here, and that she began describing here, that she omitted, whether because they weren’t significant to her, because she’s kind, or because there was a fuck-load of shit to account for, she’s […]

Jan 012013

In my New Year’s Resolution post a year ago, and again yesterday, I mentioned “high-concept swinging” as a goal. A couple of readers asked just what I meant by that. Sorry – I was talking to myself when I wrote it, imagining you would know exactly what I meant when what I mean isn’t at […]

Oct 252012

She’s maddeningly non-committal. Making plans is impossible. But she tantalizes me. Lying in her bad, in black briefs, her hand lifting the elastic, reaching down to her pussy. Standing, her gorgeous, round ass facing me, in a pink g-string, topless, her perfectly shaped, but heavy, breasts, dangling against her. Looking down her chest, between her […]

Oct 222012

I’ve previously asked about how you like to be fingered, about how you like your breasts handled. Today, I’m wondering…. When I’m going down on you, what would you like? Would you like to be blindfolded? Restrained? Just your hands? Your hands and your legs? Gagged, too? Would you like to be nude? To be […]

Jun 282012

You’ll wear a skirt, boyshorts.  I know, you prefer dresses.  But I’d like you in a skirt, please.  And a top that shows off your breasts. We’ll meet at noon. We won’t speak.  We’ll kiss hello – hard.  We’ll walk two blocks to the hotel.  I’ll pay and we’ll check in.  Once in the room? […]