Nov 222015
Reunion with Isabel

It’d been a while since the last time I fucked Isabel. Life had gotten in the way, for both of us. But on this evening, things conspired to make a date possible. “Do you have any requests?” I asked her. “What do you want me to wear?” she replied. And, “May I request not too […]

Jul 182015

“Which do you prefer: restraints or blindfolds?” Um, both? Each is immeasurably better with the other. Restraints, though, are more work to implement, unless they’re the under-the-bed kind, and you’re in my bed. Which you’re not, and won’t be, unless you’re one person in particular. Workarounds – like makeshift or portable cuffs – are fun, […]

Feb 112015
Fantasies about my fantasy

I’m imagining my core fantasy. First, what will you all wear? A sea of women…. Allie? Eva? The Historian? Isabel? L? Luna? Maxie? P? Penelope? The Rockette? Rose? Sadie? Sofia?!? Tamora? Veronique? You? (Those names – including yours – are in alphabetical order, lest you imagine you discern some other rationale….) In my fantasy, it’s […]

Jun 302014

Luna is difficult. She’s spoiled. She’s entitled. She’s an attention whore. Not infrequently, she e-mails me, “Give me attention!” I don’t think she’s jealous, exactly. But she wants to be my first call, wants to know that, if, for example, I was getting my cock sucked by the Rockette, it wasn’t at a time when […]

Jan 252013
Another night with Véronique (part 3)

(My parts 1 and 2; V’s parts 1 and 2) So there she lay, legs spread wide, in her striped dress, her panties still on, thigh-highs still on, blindfolded, her hands tied behind her back. I tugged her panties off and felt her dripping pussy, smelled her dripping pussy, tasted her dripping pussy. I rolled […]