Jun 112015
Bad dates (2)

It started badly. Annica offered her cheek, standoffish-ly. Her body language was closed, distant. She said I was defensive. But her pussy was wet, in spite of herself. (She’s a self-proclaimed slut. I was the first of two guys she was meeting that night, and the other, a friend, was a sure thing.) And my […]

Jun 012015

I don’t have many dates. Most of them are good. Great, even. I tend to go on dates only with women I know I’m going to get along with. Once in a while, I deviate from this practice, and go in a date with a woman I hope I’ll get along with. This is never […]

Feb 072015

I’ve had a few. But then again, too few to mention. This is true. If I meet you, at a minimum, it’s because I imagine I’ll enjoy some combination of talking with and looking at you, and, even if that’s all that happens, I’ll be good. Once in a great while, a date goes sideways. […]

Mar 112012

We stood in the back of the crowded bar.  We mused at how this kind of bar – a sort of faux-speakeasy, overflowing with attitude, and with a drinks menu featuring absinthe and autumn fruits and all sorts of other things, and with taps from which flow sweet vermouth – simply didn’t exist when we […]