Aug 032015

Is (was?) Ashley Madison more like RJ Reynolds? A purveyor of pleasure that comes with an enormous cost? Or Smith and Wesson? Whose product can be used for (very) good or (very) evil? Or the library, your local bookseller, or Amazon Books? Which allow you to feed your every (intellectual?) desire without reference to the […]

Jul 202015

So this just happened. Ashley Madison’s servers have been hacked, and some self-appointed moral vigilantes stand poised to embarrass thousands and thousands of people who’ve paid for Ashley Madison memberships. I don’t have an enormous amount to say here, except to quote from the hackers’ own communications: they write: Avid Life Media has been instructed […]

Feb 052014

A while ago, I wrote about my skepticism about Ashley Madison. In the last month, three things have happened that have caused me to reevaluate my position. 1) A good male friend got laid using it. 2) I got laid using it with a super hot woman. (You haven’t read that tale and you may […]