Aug 162015

There are a number of women with whom I’ve interacted who give me the ambivalence I seem to crave. This is an (alphabetical) chronicle of ambivalence. It’s not complete, but it’s indicative both of how I seem to inspire ambivalence, and to court it. The Amazon: You may recall how much I enjoyed her mouth. […]

Jun 092015

I don’t think I ever told you about Juana, the raven-haired beauty who disappeared after a scorchingly hot lunch date, melting into the landscape, never to be heard from again. A commenter pointed out that usually I write about the sex I have, not the sex I don’t have. But honestly, there’s so much more […]

Apr 202015

Topics on which I’m trying to write: Sofia – always, Sofia My recent threesome with Rose and Isabel A legitimate massage from Tamora Some thoughts on strip clubs and massage parlors Google mapping sexual memories Compartmentalization, repression, and self-actualization Alice’s push-me/pull-you back-and-forth, complete with other completed assignments, and, maybe, a picture or two of her […]

Mar 202015

Ahhh I wish you would. But I’m in and out of meetings all day today. So if I tell you that I’m imagining being in and out of you in between two of those meetings… That I want to kiss you hard, press you to your knees, and feed you my cock… That I want […]

Mar 062015

She’s young. Younger than I usually am drawn to. We met on Tinder, and she promised me much. She delivered a tantalizing tease, and then vanished. She resurfaced, days later, in a hospital bed. She’d fallen, hard. Broken bones. Laid up. We exchanged words, but not so many pictures, for a bit. And then, she […]