Feb 242015

We meet in a hotel bar. The women (you) are instructed to be wearing black dresses and boyshorts. I will collect, via (silent, secret) text/e-mail, any specific requests/concerns after everyone’s met – such as “I don’t want to lick her pussy,” “I want her to lick my pussy,” etc. And then, I’ll send you upstairs, […]

Jun 012014

Sometimes, a first date is overdetermined. Its outcome is known, at least in rough outline – to both parties even before it starts. I knew I would fuck Luna as I approached the bar, before I met her. I had seen nearly every inch of her body. Except for her pussy. Which I had seen […]

Dec 172013

It’s so fucking hot. Imagining you, waiting for me. Dressed for me. Naked for me. Exposed for me. Open for my use. For my taking. Knowing, precisely, what will happen. Knowing that you exist for no reason other than to serve me, to minister to me, to make yourself available for the delivery of pleasure […]

Oct 022013

Is it presumptuous of me to imagine what happens next? To imagine that, as I walk toward you, unbuckling my belt, our eyes locked on one another, you would lick your lips involuntarily? To imagine that, as I approached you, the bulge in my jeans, already painful, would become excruciating? To imagine that, as I […]

Oct 022013
How it might go

You go to kiss me. I push your head down, not meeting your lips. “Kneel,” I say. It’s not a request. You do. “What do you want?” I ask. You’re silent. You look down. “Look up at me.” A beat passes. Another beat passes. Your eyes face the ground. Your hands, reflexively, are clasped behind […]

Aug 042013

My cock aches, more than it’s hard. All I can think of is your tongue, tracing up, and down, my shaft.  Up and down, around and around. I can’t wait to feed it to you.