May 162015
My porn tastes

They change remarkably little. I’ve written about them a bunch over the years, but I think I can summarize thus-ly: 1) I like to see women progress from fully clothed, preferably not in pornstar or stripper garb, and interacting normally, as if not on a porn set, to being fully willing to have and to […]

Apr 062014

I’ve written this post before, I think. But I just found myself thinking about it again. I have a couple of favorite porn sites. They tend not to change. The two best for me, over the years, have been OnlyAllSites and AmateurAllure. There are other sites I like from time to time – X-Art, SexArt, […]

Jul 182013

I googled “Best oral sex video ever,” and this is what I found. This is not how I like my cock sucked. I’ve written lots about how I like it sucked, about how I like to be teased, licked, kissed, stroked, pressed, and yes, sucked. But I don’t particularly crave the up-and-down jackhammer sucking that […]

Nov 162012

This is the second part in my ongoing (and recurrent) series on my tastes in porn. The first part concerned my enthusiasm for movies of women masturbating to orgasm. I mentioned a few sites that I particularly like (The Life Erotic, I Feel Myself, Digital Desires). In this post, I’ll discuss the sites I like […]

Jun 192012
Porn:  seeking vs. finding

There are a couple of different forms my porn-surfing takes: 1)  Purposeful: I’m going to rub one out, and I want visual stimulation. In this instance, typically, I watch a movie that I’ve downloaded from a favorite site.  As I’ve written elsewhere, this might be AmateurAllure, X-Art, SexArt, IFeelMyself, Met-Art, or OnlyAllsites.  Most often?  AmateurAllure.  And, […]

Feb 292012

I have a love/hate relationship with porn.  On the love side, I consume it regularly.  It’s my favorite masturbation accompaniment – I prefer it to fantasy infinitely.  Well, that’s not quite right:  fantasy plays a huge part in my life – it’s just not how I bring myself off when I’m rubbing my cock.  That’s […]

Jan 222012
What turns me on

Someone on Formspring just asked me the question, “What turns you on?” and it got me thinking.  (I don’t know about Formspring.  I joined, because, in the context of my contest with L for viewers, I thought it might be a useful tool.  I’ve killed about fifteen minutes there over the last couple of weeks, […]