Mar 122015

It’s true. Days go by without my cock stiffening. For some, this would just be a curious deviation from the norm. For me, it’s like death. Honestly. If a day goes by and my cock doesn’t grow hard, I start to wonder if I’m still alive. I start to look for things I can do […]

Feb 102014
Addiction and judgment (more on Philip Seymour Hoffman)

Blaming addicts for their addictions is unhelpful. It is not “true” to say that Philip Seymour Hoffman was selfish; it’s a judgment, a subjective claim. I was harsh in reply to something Dumb Domme – a super smart, very thoughtful, and very funny writer with whom I disagree occasionally (or more accurately, who disagrees with […]

Dec 052013

I was reading about addiction, and I stumbled on a TED-X talk by Glennon Doyle Melton, a writer with a blog, and the author of Carry On, Warrior, a book that seems mostly culled from her blog. I was intrigued at least thrice over: first, most intensely, because – well, there’s something about her. She’s […]

Nov 202013
Thoughts on what feels good (getting vs. having #3,245)

Over the last couple of years, I’ve had two connections – with L and with V – that have been unlike anything previous in my life. (The relationship I had with the Historian was similar, structurally, though it was shorter, less intense, less comprehensive.) These were connections with women who submitted to me gleefully, who […]