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Sep 092013
Bend to my will?

There are doms who derive pleasure from bending subs to their will. (And there are submissives who derive pleasure from being so “bent,” from traveling a distance to their doms’ desires, from being compelled to travel that distance by their doms, whether by brute force, or by contract, or by desire alone.) This seems an […]

Mar 142013

I remember walking into the Harmony Theater. As I approached, my heart would beat a little more quickly. Adrenaline would pulse through me. Excitement, sure, but also shame, embarrassment, fear. I must have craved all of those things; we don’t do the same thing over and over because of just one feature of it. Generally, […]

Mar 212012

This post continues a series of posts I’ve been writing about my descent into depravity, my loss of control over my sexuality.  It begins with my origin myth, told here and here (and here), and continues with my first lap dances.  In this post, I write about my first “sensual massage.”  I’ve written a bit […]