Postscript on cocksucking

I wrote this. And that made clear that I needed to deliver to Charlotte this message, by voice. It’s transcribed, not written, so this is what it reads like when I just speak extemporaneously. Enjoy.

So I’m really sorry that what I wrote made you embarrassed or uncomfortable or unhappy. So, I mean, it’s funny, like, for me, what I wrote was something exciting and fun. And like, because I’m starting from the premise that I fucking love being with you, and I fucking love having my cock in your mouth.

And so, just as with that as a starting point, like, it’s all good. And I think it’s true that like, you know, there are some women who desperately want to please me. I think you’re in that category, I think you really want to please me, I think you really want to be a good girl for me and to give me what I want. And I think the idea that you might, in any way at any time ever be failing, upsets you. And, you know, in some ways, that makes me a little anxious, because, you know, I don’t want to upset you. But in other ways, it’s just great. It’s totally fun.

You do, give me what I want, and you delight in giving me what I want. And you do it exceedingly well. So like, Yahtzee!

There are other women, and I don’t put you in this category, who just have like a free-standing hunger for my cock. And, you know, for whom, like, the idea of getting their mouths around it is, you know, extraordinarily exciting, and is the most exciting part of sex with me.

I don’t think that’s you.

I don’t wish it were you.

I do hope to develop in you more of an appreciation and an appetite for that.

The exchange we had last night about like, you wanting instant gratification and me being like, “Well, okay, let’s see if we can shift what it is that you conceive of as gratification. Like, that feels to me, like a super fun project.

I mean, I’m thrilled that you want my cum. And I’m thrilled, do you want it quick.

And I want my cock in your mouth for longer, around your mouth, getting the attention of your mouth. So, you know, I know it’s hard for you, because I know that you experience any sort of observation or suggestion of a possibility for improvement as implicitly a criticism. But that’s bullshit.

There’s a million things that could be improved in even the greatest things in the world. And the fact that I am adept at identifying how I can make things better, is part of what’s fun about me. It’s not that you do anything wrong, it’s not that there’s any problem. There isn’t. There’s an opportunity and, that is exciting to me. So I need to find a way to communicate that that feels good to you. And that, you know, clarifies that what I’m saying is I’m really excited and lucky to have in you a partner with whom I can play and, and play around with stuff like this and communicate.


  1. Too many fluttering eyelashes. Would rather see just the flickering tongue and what the woman is gazing longingly upon.

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