I’m a morning person

I’m a morning person. For nearly ten years, I generally have risen before the sun. (For years before that, I often rose before the sun, but when I did, it was because I had to, rather than because I chose to.)

I feel a kinship with those who are up, with me, before dawn. We have a unique perspective on time. Our mornings change over the course of the year (or they do for those of us who live far from the equator). As the sun rises earlier, as it rises later, we feel the seasons come and go, we feel the years turn, we see ourselves age, even if only slightly.

Of course, this is true of those who are awake at sunset too. Except. Sunset, for most of us, happens when we’re fully engaged with our days.

Sunrise? That’s what I do most mornings at sunrise – I watch the sun rise.

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