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The background

Separations aren’t always easy for me. (Understatement.) This is true of real separations – like, if a woman I’m involved with goes to have sex with some other dude, or travel for ten days, or whatever – and it’s true of “fake” separations, like my going to sleep, or someone I’m involved with not having woken up yet.

I want to test drive a new strategy – initially, for a week, but I hope, for longer – and for other situations, such as dates, trips, time “off” from me, etc.

Marina is incredibly generous. She gives me so much – of her time, of her body, of her mind, of her compliance, and of her generous indulgence of my crazy. I’ve used her to great effect – not just to make my cock hard, but to learn about myself – and her – and the ways in which each of our particular brands of trauma have left us with ruts, and scars, and wounds.

This assignment here is an example of how she works so well with me. She will do this for me. And I will be very, very curious to see how I respond to it.

The project

This will take you some time, initially. If it goes well – and I fully expect it to – it will require continued “updating,” as I will add it as a new responsibility to your plate. The good news is, I think you’ll very much enjoy the project, and the responsibility. Maybe even more than I will enjoy being the beneficiary of it. And as always, I’m very open to your suggestions as to how to improve it, how to make it more rewarding for you, how to make it more rewarding for me.

My idea is that I want you to use Gmail’s “schedule send” feature to cause me to receive evidence of your having been thinking of me, of your having been devoted to my pleasure, at the times in the day that I most consistently long most ardently to hear from you, when you may be least in a position to communicate with me. This project will give me the evidence I crave, at the moments I crave it.

I want you to schedule the sending of three e-mails per day – one at 6 am my time, one at 9:30 am my time, and one, at 10 pm my time. I want you to schedule these e-mails well in advance. So they keep coming, regardless of what’s going on in your life. And, so you can produce them efficiently for me.

6 am e-mails

As you know, one of my favorite things is to watch you come for me. Especially if it’s one of the first things I see in the morning.

Every morning, at 6 am my time, I would like to receive an e-mail. The e-mail should include a link to a video of you in which you mention both the date/time at which you’re recording, and the date on which I will receive it. In this video, in addition to situating me and you on the calendar, you will come for me. [Situating it in historical time makes my cock hard because I can look back at my calendar and see what I was doing then, and can retroactively collect the knowledge that, at that moment, you were working for me; telling me the day I’m receiving it roots it in the present for me.]

The videos should vary in terms of outfit, position, method of stimulation. Please let no two consecutive ones have much in common other than the fact of your orgasm. (I.e., if you’re fully dressed in one, be topless in the next, or nude; if you’re on your back in one, stand for me in the next; and so on….) You’re welcome to economize by recording several in a row and scheduling them for different days. I don’t demand infinite variety. Just from one day to the next.

For any videos associated with this project, my presumption is that you will save the videos to Google Drive in advance, and share a link with me in an e-mail you schedule to send. Other approaches are totally welcome.

You also will send me – in the text of the e-mail – a brief sexual thought involving you and me. Could be as simple as, “I want to suck your cock.”

9:30 am e-mails

Please schedule an e-mail to send with a photo of your lovely face, and your delicious thighs and cunt, clothed. Here, too, please achieve daily variety (don’t repeat the same outfit or position two days in a row).

Please also include a link to a song you like, or a book, or an article, or an object, or a place on a map, or… anything… that holds at least a little meaning to you. And give me just a sentence or so about what you picked and its meaning to you (if any).

10 pm e-mails

Each night, I would like a brief recording from you. You need say no more than “Good night,” but a little more – a story, a question for me, an introduction to a topic of interest – would definitely be welcome.

Please also include a link to 15 seconds of you touching your pussy for me, clothed, and then undressing for me. In these videos, as in the morning videos, please mention both the date and time you’re recording it, and the date you expect to send it.

Since I’m going to bed, I’d like to see you undress, as I’m doing, presumably.

And, please include one photo of your pretty, pretty face.

Work plan

In total, for the first week of this assignment, this adds up to:

  1. Fourteen photos of your face (seven for 9:30 am; seven for 10 pm)
  2. Seven photos of your thighs/cunt (for 9:30 am)
  3. Seven videos of you coming for me (for 6 am)
  4. Seven videos of you touching your pussy and undressing for me (for 10 pm)
  5. Seven brief good night recordings (for 10 pm)
  6. Twenty-one e-mails, seven of which require a brief sexual thought (for 6 am) and seven of which require a link to something (for 9:30 am).

I estimate this project will take something on the order of 1.5-2 hours per week. Knowing you and your efficiency, maybe even a little less. And you might do it over a number of days. But. I would like it to be seamless on my end – for me to start receiving e-mails, and for them never to stop.

The first e-mail should arrive no later than 6 am, the day after tomorrow.

THANK you.

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