Instructions for the day

I want an army of women to follow my simple instructions for the day.

Marina has a fantasy that I have an army of women just waiting to execute my instructions. I share that fantasy. Marina imagines it to be true. I long for it to be.

Either way.

It would turn me on if as many readers of this blog as can do so would, today:

1) Wear boy shorts for me.

2) Find a way to tell someone, anyone, in their life that they’re allowing, this one day, a random blogger to give them just a little remote, anonymous access to their cunt.

3) Spend 5 minutes looking for a post on this blog that they haven’t seen, that gets them wet, that turns them on.

4) Make themselves come. In their boy shorts to the thought of that post. In their boy shorts. For me.

And 5) Thank me for their orgasm.

That’s all.

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