Jul 102018
Remembering camp

For several reasons, unrelated, I’ve been remembering my experiences of camp. I went to a generic all-boys YMCA camp on a lake, in the woods. It was nominally Christian – we had chapel every Sunday, under the pines, in required green gabardine (stiff, uncomfortable) shirts with the camp’s logo on it. Most of the kids […]

Jul 082018

I really want to talk with you. You’re making it really hard. There are lots of ways to reach me. I have none to reach you. Please. Figure it out.

Jul 082018
Communicating with me

There are a lot of ways you can communicate with me. This is a tease – a bit of information as to how I interact with the apps you might use. In my NEXT post, I’ll tell you what I imagine you’re communicating to me with your choice. But in this post, it’s just a little bit of information about how I interact with the various apps on my phone.