Jun 282018

But we are establishing concentration camps, and dehumanizing immigrants. According to the Times, “An Immigration and Customs Enforcement spokeswoman said Thursday that ‘even one criminal alien on the street can put public safety at risk.’” For the record, I’m a native born American, and immigrants don’t scare me. But white nationalist sociopaths? They terrify me. […]

Jun 232018

I tell myself stories. All the time. Truth be told, I tell myself the same stories, over and over. These are the most common three stories I tell myself: I’m brilliant, super-competent, an order of magnitude better than those by whom I’m surrounded. I’m confused: on the one hand, something looks super-clear to me, but the […]

Jun 142018

Ezra Klein recently interviewed Jane Mayer about, among other things, her expose of Eric Schneiderman’s history of abuse. I’m grateful for Jane Mayer’s journalism – she uncovers big stories skillfully. I have awe for her. But on at least one set of questions, she and I think differently. In her conversation with Klein, Mayer said, […]