Are you an ass man?

Some men are ass men.

Some, leg men. Some, breast men.

Not me.

Don’t get me wrong.

I like asses. And legs. And breasts. And eyes, thighs, lips, hair. Cheeks, hands, feet. Hips, backs, necks, shoulders.

For all of my objectification, though, what turns me on, what makes my cock hard, what makes it ache, isn’t what you look like. As hot as you are.

What makes me need you is what you do for me, how you interact with me. How you give me what I want, how it affects you for me to ask things of you.


  1. I agree but… disagree a little. Inasmuch that I do care what you look like, but not in the way you (women) think. I get so sad when I see/meet so many women who feel they don’t match some ideal. It matters not that you have model looks or a pornstars bod – what matters is the sparkle in your eyes that tells us you want to be with us. So yes, I agree with you.
    And in answer to the first question – yes, I am an ass man. But not for the little boys bum you have pictured. I prefer a big-ass curvy woman’s butt.

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