A new plaything

Iris is beautiful. Not small – she’s voluptuous, with some crazy curves. We met in a context in which sexualization of our relationship was unlikely, but, soon enough, I heard her say, not to me, but with me as a part of her audience, “I want to be fucked by guys other than my husband.”

A surprising proclamation, given the setting, given the audience. My ears – and my cock – perked up.

Over the coming days, our texts went from innocent to filled with suggestion and then further.

Her circumstances don’t permit her to be my plaything in the way I might most desire. They don’t permit her even to acknowledge her own desire for me explicitly. Except through her behavior. Except through her compliance. To my requests, which strain against – but which ultimately respect – the limits to which she remains, for the moment, subject.

For the time being, I’ll have to satisfy myself with using her to make my cock hard, and with making her cunt wet, and ache.

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