Random fragments

  1. My local NPR station is losing me. The way I live my life, I listen to “time-shifted” audio much more often than “real-time” audio. While I’d love to listen to “Morning Edition” and “All Things Considered,” the requirement that I do so on their schedule, rather than on mine, increasingly simply leads to my not listening to those shows, to listening to other shows instead – including those that are NPR-produced competitors (like “Up First,” which is a poor substitute for “Morning Edition,” but is an excellent substitute for “Morning Edition” listened to fragmentarily in the way I can).
  2. I really want the Democrats to articulate a vision of the future that includes radical antitrust enforcement, breaking up Google, regulating Facebook, and imposing stringent requirements of all companies on their “Terms of Service.”
  3. I’ve been thinking a lot about “objectification,” about what it means to admire the curves of a woman I don’t know.
  4. Related: I like looking at women.
  5. I like how it feels when my cock is hard.
  6. I’ve been listening to “Dear Sugars,” at the suggestion of both L and V. I find it alternately excellent and maddening. I listened to the first half of the first episode of their two-part porn consideration, and I found it utterly maddening. The ways they think of sex, intimacy and porn – and sex work – all feel retrograde for me, and I’m offended by the way they portray themselves as open and accepting, even as moralistic judgment and normative prescriptions (and proscriptions) permeate their conversation.
  7. Related: I like porn.

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