The weight

In May 2012, I weighed 180. That was less than I’ve weighed since I was 17.

In May 2016, I weighed 220.

In December 2016, I weighed 212.

Today, I weigh 189.

I’ve been consistently losing a little over a pound a week since December. I’ve done this by a) restricting my caloric intake generally, to 1500 calories, net of exercise, per day; b) minimizing processed sugar in my diet; and c) busting my ass on an elliptical trainer four or five days a week for half an hour a day, in addition to my normal couple miles of walking a day.

This is my weight over the last three months:

I have a spreadsheet on my phone. It looks like this:

I log every calorie in an app on my phone to keep myself on track.

The foods shown in the bottom screen shot show that while I’m obsessive, I’m not fanatical.

You may think I’m crazy.

But something is working….

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