Mar 232017

I send you a ticket.

I tell you what to wear.

I tell you what to pack.

You drop everything. Miss a day.

You tell one close friend, and promise to send her a text every two hours you’re with me.

You dress precisely as I instruct, and are met by me on arrival.

We have a meal and get to know one another, before I take you to a hotel room. In that room, you shower and change into another outfit I’ve selected for you. Or maybe you lay out your clothes and I dress you once you’re out of the shower. Or maybe I lay out your clothes and leave your room for a few minutes, so you may dress in privacy.

In any case, once dressed, you sit for me. You stand for me. I admire you, turn you around, perhaps touch you, gently, tentatively.

I kiss you. I have you walk for me. I have you crawl for me. I have you pour me a drink, serve me. You kneel between my legs as I sip the drink you’ve gotten me.

And – did you see that video I posted the other day? You lick my cock, just like that.

For. Fucking. Ever.


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