Jan 192017

Think about kneeling for me, crawling for me. Nude? Fully clothed? Think about waiting for me, discovering me.

Think about my cock in your lips, my moans, my quiet, low, guttural “fuuuuuck’s.”

Think about your pussy, drenched in anticipation. About me instructing you to touch it while you suck my cock, about you struggling to multitask. Think about feeling my pulse in the veins on my shaft on your tongue. Think about my hands on your head, pushing you down, pulling you up.

Think about my cum, shooting into your mouth, into your tongue, about your feeling of triumph, of pleasure, of satisfaction.

Good girl.

Thank you.

  2 Responses to “Inspiration”

  1. I’m thinking.

  2. And lets turn this, what are you thinking?

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