Jan 032017


Fuck me.


That’s what I want. I want for you simply to fuck me. To lift up your skirt, so I can tear of your flimsy cotton panties. And lower yourself onto my achingly, painfully, stiff cock.

Don’t worry. I said “Fuck me,” but what I mean is, “I want to fuck you.” I’ll do all the work, even though you’re riding me.

I’ll drive you. I’ll hold your hips. I’ll pull you down on to me. I’ll guide you, propel you, back and forth on my cock, so deep up inside you that you can feel it in your belly.

I’ll grab you by the throat as I plunge deep, up, into you.

Fuck me.



  4 Responses to “Fuck me now”

  1. This is really sexy. Even without any emotion or backstory I am turned on. Which is almost impossible to do.

  2. Wow. I come off my cold meds and this is the first post I see! I have a great imagination and you just provided a great visual for it!


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