Aug 242016

bo-derek-10-gallery-01I have worked in four vastly different fields, with one thing in common: those who succeed – in each field – think themselves superior to all other humans. No exaggeration.

Do successful people in every field think themselves superior to all others? Have I simply chosen well?

In any event….

This is a thing that happens. Very smart people – people with tremendous skill and insight and experience – develop a blindness when it comes to understanding the wider world, and their role in it.

I’m guilty of this from time to time. I confuse my experience, my perspective, with “truth.” When I do this, I suffer for it. It robs me of my curiosity, of my lust for knowledge and discovery.

That is all.

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  One Response to “Comparisons”

  1. Interesting point you have here, and one thing I definitely agree with… they lose sight of the bigger picture.

    Rebel xox

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